Sunday, June 30, 2013

Open House Results Saturday 6/29/2013

Well guess who left their cameras SD card hooked up to the computer at home? This Chick. So my camera, without a card can take 5 photos, enough to get some event pics. Guess who forgot to take pics at all. This chick.
And guess what?! I loved how my Paparazzi area looked! So freaking cute and I didn't document that! Well there is always next time:] I will be set up there again around in September when the town has town-wide garage sales.
Oh, and my expectations spelled out: Thursday- I assumed no one would come, Saturday I assumed we would be busy since we had the extra vendors, and Sunday I assume not many people will come unless the weather is treating me well and I set up outside
And how things have actually gone so far: Thursday- Best day yet:] made over half of what I thought I would. Saturday- Ouch, lets not talk about Saturday ;p Lol just kidding:] while it rained all morning, we actually had some family come out and shop which is always great to have the support. I also (after I broke down the booth) went out and got Paparazzi set up in a tattoo shop for awhile. Hopefully if the jewelry sells well they'll be willing to sign up themselves and make all the commissions from it (but who knows how this will move in a tattoo shop, however, the first three pieces sold was to the owner/manager and one other employee.) I'll keep everyone posted on this:]

I'm re-arranging my house now just in case I have to set up inside because of the weather. For those who don't know my house is really small:[ (probably like around 600 sq feet.) So I'm going to work with it to try and make it look like I can fit my Paparazzi in here:]

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