Friday, June 21, 2013

A Small Piece About Me

Hello, and thanks for reading. My name is Tiffany and I'm 20 years old. I've been married for two years. Most people would say I have no kids but I do have Louie (our 103lb dog) and he is our world. My husband, Tyler, works as an account manager for a company, and is hoping to get a promotion here soon, or maybe even switch jobs to a better paying one. Currently I'm working 2 jobs (pharmacy tech and vet assistant) and now I'm adding Paparazzi Accessories to the list! I do plan on leaving one of my other jobs shortly after my Paparazzi business kicks off :] So excited! (however, I don't even have my kit yet!)

I want to use this blog to share my experiences, and designs (or DIYs I've tried) so hopefully this can help you out somewhere down the line.

So here is a short story on how I became interested in Paparazzi Jewelry:
Honesty moment, I don't even wear jewelry except for my wedding ring, currently.  Obviously I plan to change this once my kit gets here.
I decided I wanted to sell to people when my hours at the pharmacy got slashed and cost me over $100 per paycheck (and the company just keeps cutting hours.) Now for the vet's office I only work about 10-15 hours per week there (and that's what I signed up for) but I love my job, and I start school in August to work towards my D. Veterinarian Medicine.
I found Paparazzi Jewelry when I did a massive search on individual consultant companies. I had a huge list of 100's of companies to search through and choose which one I may sign up with. I took anything off the list that had an average item price of $50 or more. I didn't necessarily want something easy, I just wanted to product to sell itself, because then people come back for more.
After hours and hours of checking websites out I narrowed it done to two companies, Paparazzi Jewelry and a storage solution company (which I still want to host a party for, lol.) I then started researching both companies, and ultimately decided Paparazzi was able to sell itself, with its cheap pricing and super cute products! I did my research, so before you decide to invest into a business, do your homework! By doing my research I found a blogger discussing how she found out about Paparazzi Jewelry, some real opinions on the product, and some links to additional websites that eventually got me in contact with a representative who gave me information about everything I wanted to know and more.
It took me a few paychecks to save the money to start up but here is how I saw it:
I was working two jobs (pharmacy for about a year and vet office for about 2 months) and my husband had finally gotten a job (he had been there a little over 2 months,) with all this I justified not using my vet paychecks for bills and extras anymore. We were use to living without much income from when Tyler was unemployed for so long, so now that he was making more weekly than I did in my two week paychecks, I decided it was time to start saving for Paparazzi! I saved my next three paychecks (bi-weekly pay) and put them in a new bank account (Tyler and I have always had 1 bank together.) With this money going to a bank we weren't use to having we would tend to not think about it, because if we did we may spend it! (Side note- If you have the problem of spending your money because you have it I highly recommend opening a new account for your Paparazzi business to be separate, I love it!) With my three paychecks (6 long weeks) I had $687.55 (and for some reason had extra hours and overtime paid- so unexpected larger paychecks, which are very welcome to show up whenever they feel like it) and I knew at this time I should order!
Now don't get me wrong I had plenty of money saved to order the Small Party starter kit ($300) and add on an additional $100 of products to get free shipping, but I really wanted the $700 kit that comes with 250 pieces of jewelry. So I made a phone call to my mother who was more than happy to help me achieve that goal (thank goodness for having a helping hand every once and while.) I added on some additional items (like the Starlett jewelry for little girls, a few display pieces, and things like the pens) which brought me to a total of a $900.xx order. Don't be scared of that number! No one has to put that much money towards the start-up of Paparazzi! I have huge plans though, and plan on earning that money back very quickly (and paying my mother back as well.) Just so you have a small idea of my launch party I'm hosting probably 4 total! (I'll hash these details out, as they un-fold, in a new blog post.)

Did I name this "A small piece about me".. I tend to get carried away :]

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