Friday, July 26, 2013

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Click the above link, and go like us on Facebook! well worth your time since I do give-a-ways:]

And here is the link to my new selling website:

Not everything is on there right now because I'm at an event this week selling the things! Hopefully it keeps getting better.

Friday, July 12, 2013

My first DIY !!!

Well here we go. In celebration of Christmas in July I thought it was good to do something festive.. or not so festive.
So I've made Pillow Box Gift Boxes:] I used a pillow box template, made these out of card-stock, used a clear gel glue, (little amounts or the paper gets wavy;p) and then designed them to however I felt like.
Here are the pics starting with the template:

The flowers I drew on here in pencil and then traced with sharpie. I saw a print I really liked while browsing through pics and just re-created it. The To and From labels I did the same thing, just penciled it in then sharpie over it, with these I only placed glue in the middle (a line dividing To & From) so that they stuck off a little.
 This pic shows a bit more complication, the gift box purse is actually easier than it seems but I only made 1 because I'm not into doing extra work as in creating the handle. The handle was just 2 pieces of card stock slightly varied (black in back pink in front) and then glued into the tab that closes the box **This step must be done when closing the box and gluing in the first place** Then I just used some scrap pink card-stock to create the stripes and the pink portion of the flower, did the same for black, and super-glued a gem in the center. After that i added the "stitched" looked with my black sharpie.
This Christmas tree one I just drew, traced in green sharpie, added cut pieces of red ribbon and then tied together a green and red ribbon around the pillow box.
 At some point I felt rather creative and browsed through some online pictures, compiled what I saw in my head and produced this little gem. I realize not everyone will appreciate the drawing but I'm a big fan and someone out there will be like "Hey, I know someone artsy who would enjoy getting a gift in this box!" I also left it in pencil, so they could honestly just erase it, but it looks good this way.
 The next few are super simple! Just card-stock pillow boxes and tulle, this tulle was super messy because the pink sparkles were everywhere!

 Same as above but with black tulle:
 And these are my favorite <3 I used a very light tan card-stock for the pillow box, then added To & From signs on the two in the second row with a matching ribbon to the tan and the stand out colors (one with green and one with blue)
Then for the front two boxes, I made card-stock bows! with these empty little plaques so people could write a personalize message and avoid buying a card or just write something like "Congrats!" Follow this link for directions on the bow:
 The whole crew of pillow boxes. On my stove, I have a small house and craft in my kitchen, don't judge:p

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


That is what I've been doing to my blog, neglecting it. Poor blog, no worries I'm back;p

My Paparazzi launch parties are over (nothing happened Sunday, lol) My website is still not 100% complete (more like 10% complete.. yeah..) So with this said here is the overall results from my Paparazzi launch parties. $264, 1 basket party booked and 1 house party. I just received my July newsletter today and we have a little friendly competition for Paparazzi Facebook parties. So I posted today to let everyone know I'm trying out Paparazzi Facebook parties:] My Facebook rewards for hostess I whipped up: 1 free piece of adult Jewelry for every 12 adult pieces sold  and 1 free kid item for every 10 kid items sold. Also, 1 free piece for 20 buyers (sounds high but I'm not 100% sure how to do this Facebook Paparazzi party thing, I'm working out bugs as I go if I can get people involved!) And 1 free piece for every Paparazzi party booked (Facebook party, basket party, home party, open house style party.. you get the point.)

My current schedule of events includes:
July 12th: Basket Party
July 20th: Home Party
September 21st: Vendor Event in Shrewsbury, MO (app Pending)
November 16th: Vendor Event in Bloomington, IL (app Pending)

It's a small schedule but I'm trying! This is only the first day of week two.

Update on my Paparazzi display in the tattoo shop- contacted today to check up and sounds like no sales yet, but soon enough I'm sure stuff will start selling.

My plans next week (holiday tomorrow in my way):
Call and go to local Hair Saloons. I'm super nervous about this but I've got to get out there and get my name out there!
Get some Paparazzi Facebook Parties booked (hopefully I can arrange some this weekend!)

Time to go work on the website more!

Also The Winner of the raffle from our launch party was Julie W. if you were curious (who has already been contacted.)

I have to switch to my other computer to upload my pics of the Sunday event.