Monday, June 24, 2013

My Open Houses!

So maybe I'm going overboard with my Launch parties, but I'll be hosting 4! The first two in Bloomington, IL, Thursday 6/27 from 5pm-8pm and Saturday 6/29 8am until whenever (during garage sale time,) the third in the town I live in, Lincoln, IL, Sunday 6/30 4pm-7pm, and lastly my online launch party where I'll be opening the online store! Which will be a pain since I work two jobs that day! So I think I'll release it at midnight, then go to bed for work xD.

Also ignore my run-on sentences and grammar mistakes.. I'm really bad with my English classes, more of a science and math person, lol:]

I get my kit tomorrow and I'm going to start planning all the displays! Which I'm slightly worried about but it should go great, lol. I'm going to be posting pics of our "projects" that we do to get everything ready, here is a list of what we'll be doing:

Signage- Signs that we can re-use! So the dates and times a long with the arrows to point people my way will be stapled on the board, then removed and replaced for the next party!:] Saving Time and Money.

Displays- I have a pretty bulletin board  framed with a gold frame and with some pins (like sewing pins) to hold some "feature" jewelry.
Also, I found a DIY that was a bracelet holder made from toilet paper and paper-towel rolls, but there were to many complaints of the flimsy structure, so I'll be posting pics and updates on how to make it like a pro ;] Hopefully.. :]

Setting up rewards- I'm not 100% sure how I'll pull this one off, but I'm sure it'll turn out fine. I've got some great ideas from the Paparazzi community and I'm so thrilled how helpful everyone is! I saw a "Dice Game" which involves someone signing up for a party- then rolling the dice and getting that prize! With a big calendar for them to choose the date they want to host:] So I really want to do that! Prizes will remain secret for now ;P

Advertising- I've created a Facebook event and invited all my girly friends and even a lot of the guys on my list (gifts of course! However most won't show to my assumption) Since the Saturday event includes multiple vendors, they shared the post! have your friends and family share the post, let them know its for anyone to come! I'm debating checking up on a newspaper ad in the garage sale section since the Saturday one is a garage sale time, aimed for our garage sellers:]

I'm probably missing something. I'm listening to a Paparazzi training right this second while I type this up, and so many good ideas! I really want to be successful and do really great and I'm worried I won't meet my own expectations. So my few readers who can make it past my horrible English spelling and grammar, don't forget to stop by the events and host a party to help me kick start this business in a great direction:] Remember Free Jewelry:]
I'll probably post more tomorrow when I get my kit:D Mail please don't fail me!!

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