Friday, July 12, 2013

My first DIY !!!

Well here we go. In celebration of Christmas in July I thought it was good to do something festive.. or not so festive.
So I've made Pillow Box Gift Boxes:] I used a pillow box template, made these out of card-stock, used a clear gel glue, (little amounts or the paper gets wavy;p) and then designed them to however I felt like.
Here are the pics starting with the template:

The flowers I drew on here in pencil and then traced with sharpie. I saw a print I really liked while browsing through pics and just re-created it. The To and From labels I did the same thing, just penciled it in then sharpie over it, with these I only placed glue in the middle (a line dividing To & From) so that they stuck off a little.
 This pic shows a bit more complication, the gift box purse is actually easier than it seems but I only made 1 because I'm not into doing extra work as in creating the handle. The handle was just 2 pieces of card stock slightly varied (black in back pink in front) and then glued into the tab that closes the box **This step must be done when closing the box and gluing in the first place** Then I just used some scrap pink card-stock to create the stripes and the pink portion of the flower, did the same for black, and super-glued a gem in the center. After that i added the "stitched" looked with my black sharpie.
This Christmas tree one I just drew, traced in green sharpie, added cut pieces of red ribbon and then tied together a green and red ribbon around the pillow box.
 At some point I felt rather creative and browsed through some online pictures, compiled what I saw in my head and produced this little gem. I realize not everyone will appreciate the drawing but I'm a big fan and someone out there will be like "Hey, I know someone artsy who would enjoy getting a gift in this box!" I also left it in pencil, so they could honestly just erase it, but it looks good this way.
 The next few are super simple! Just card-stock pillow boxes and tulle, this tulle was super messy because the pink sparkles were everywhere!

 Same as above but with black tulle:
 And these are my favorite <3 I used a very light tan card-stock for the pillow box, then added To & From signs on the two in the second row with a matching ribbon to the tan and the stand out colors (one with green and one with blue)
Then for the front two boxes, I made card-stock bows! with these empty little plaques so people could write a personalize message and avoid buying a card or just write something like "Congrats!" Follow this link for directions on the bow:
 The whole crew of pillow boxes. On my stove, I have a small house and craft in my kitchen, don't judge:p

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